KIDZ BOP NEIN: Coffee Breath / Since 1902

by Coffee Breath / Since 1902

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Nu music from Chicago fwend bands.


released April 19, 2016

"All Consultants Go To Heaven"
Written by Jacob Skaggs & Coffee Breath

J. Davie Skaggs- Strings | Sings
Thom Carroll- Skins | Tins
Big Mike Abbey- Slaps | Straps

Engineering & Recording: Jared Bohlken
Mixing & Mastering: Karl Maher
Produced by Karl Maher & Jacob Skaggs

"Tapping on Glass"
Written by Justin Enoch
All instruments by Justin Enoch
Produced by Justin Enoch



all rights reserved


Coffee Breath Evanston, Illinois

Coffee Breath is a Chicago based rock group. Their debut release, "All My Friends Are Consultants" has been described as half noise rock opera, half collage of rock & roll pastiche. They're still processing that comment. Feel free to contact at ... more

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Track Name: Coffee Breath - All Consultants Go To Heaven
Some days you spin the whole LP,
Some days you skip to the hits,
Some days you manage to outrun the bear and,
Most days he shreds you to bits,

I think it's gonna be a little time,
Before I am up and at 'em again,
Cause every beating no matter how small you know,
They all add up in the end,

So fuck 'em if they don't care,
Fuck 'em if they don't care,
Fuck 'em if they don't care,
They'll never let you in,

When all the applications are in,
And all the interviews are done,
When all consultants are considered,
It don't affect the motion of the sun,

So write a make your own adventure novel,
Where you control the rules,
And don't listen when they tell you it don't matter,
Screamin' I am a man of business, I am a man of business,

Fuck 'em if they don't care,
Fuck 'em if they don't care,
Fuck 'em if they don't care,
They'll never let you in,

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All consultants go to heaven
x forever
Track Name: Since 1902 - Tapping on Glass
Choreographed a dance with his fingers
Tapping on glass, skipping through letters
Abridge the language
We speak through pictures
Throwback Thursday to hieroglyphics
Communication is so strange
We speak too often that's what I think
And think to little at least that's what they say
In every message and scolding lecture

Floating around
So lost for a weekend
Phone is so dead
But the body
So living

Pause the deluge
It swarms and showers
Warms, empowers
Technology rattles
In Pockets
And ziplocks
Keeping your face lip locked
To the screen
I wanna love you
Without communication

Can't sleep
Won't dream

Don't tell me what I did last night
Cause I felt good lost
And felt good tired